The wait is over! Adrian Tomine's NEW YORK DRAWINGS is here! The book showcases a decade of covers, comics, illustrations, and sketches from the pages of The New Yorker and beyond. I've been a Tomine fan for a long time now, and somehow manage to be impressed each time I see something new by him. I'm pretty sure it's that clean and controlled line of his that gets me every time, it's just so elegant it instantly draws me in.

 Read-Handed (The New Yorker, June 9 & 16, 2008)
Tell me about it!

 Landscape Artist (The New Yorker, April 16, 2007)
Surely you can recognize this wonderful chap?

 From his New York Subway sketches

 Storytelling (The New Yorker, February 4, 2002)
That's right, Adrian Tomine and Todd Solondz together at last.

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