Pictures from Jonathan Goldstein's I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow launch!

Last Tuesday, Montreal's very own Jonathan Goldstein was at Sala Rossa to launch his newest book, I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow, which proved to be as wit-filled and wry as one could hope for! He gave a reading, which was fittingly and hilariously accompanied by the post-it note drawings of Arthur Jones. We were also treated to an animated short tale from Wiretap created by Stephen Evans and James Braithwaite. But before all that, fellow Montrealer, frequent collaborator, and bosom childhood friend Howard Chackowicz kicked off the night with a laugh-filled introduction, featuring kindergarten class photos of the two.  Sala was packed, the audience loved it (there were even some very young cat-callers present), the drinks flowed, books were bought and signed. 

We have assembled a humble photo essay so that you may see the evening's dénouement for yourselves:

The audience: plentiful and rapt

D+Q's very own Tom Devlin begins the evening by embarking on an introduction...

...Only to be chased from the stage by an energetic Howard Chackowicz!

Howard showed us rare childhood class photos in which both he and Jonathan are poised & stylish...

Here is the young Jonathan Goldstein!

And here he is again, just a little older, no less fashionable. Look at that turtleneck!

Then we got to watch an excellent animation of a piece from Wiretap. It explored the role of love and emotional expression in straight male friendships... with a hearty dash of neurosis, of course. Above, a cartoon Howard.

Here, Gregor, a mutual friend of Howard and Jonathan's, complains to Jonathan that Howard
has been expressing his love for him with worrying earnestness.
Jonathan affects an air of sympathy and concern... but is actually wild with jealousy.
Where are Howard's declarations of love for him??
Soon, another close friend, Gregor Ehrlich, reads his very, ahem, supportive preface to Jonathan's book...

The man himself takes the stage! He reads an excerpt from I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow,
to a slideshow of illustrations, in which...

... we learn of how the pressure to produce offspring can be easily alleviated when one's sibling takes on the task first...

...we witness the refined and delicate table manners of the Goldstein family...

...Jonathan must face his fears of circumcision at his nephew's bris...

...O, horrible!...

...and Jonathan's family members describe their love for the newborn child with increasingly alarming
metaphors of bodily injury: A love that feels like being beaten with a sandbag!

A love that feels like having a serrated blade corkscrewed into your side!

Choking, drowning (literally) in love!

Finally, Jonathan describes his own love for his nephew: "'s as though I have had my eyes
sprayed with mace and my heart stabbed with a salad fork." Ah, family bonds.

There was then a flurry of book-buying! Howard was solicited for autographs at his seat in the audience!

Jonathan valiantly signed for a long line-up of fans! He also kindly signed extra copies of
his two most recent books, which are still available at the D+Q store!
It was a highly engaging evening, all in all. Thank you to all who came! Thank you especially to Jonathan, Howard, Gregor, Mira, and the rest of the Wiretap family that came, supported, and helped organize the event. And for those who could not attend, hurry over the store to get your Goldstein books!

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