Ransom Rigg's Talking Pictures

New and neat-o, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children author Ransom Riggs' newest offering (subtitled Images and Messages Rescued from the Past) is a selection of weird, disturbing, sweet, and heart-breaking old photographs he's collected over the years.

 Damn, it's ol' Buzzard neck and Hamfat! Polite and well-adjusted guys one-on-one and apart from one another, but get them together and hoo-boy!

 "The King of Hobos - Prince of Ireland in Disgust" and " President of the United States".

"This was when they loved each other". Aw, jeez.

Well yeah, the photos are fascinating but it's the handwritten inscriptions that appear on the backs of them that really seal the deal and make the book such a re-readable treasure, as Riggs explains in his introduction:
 They allow us to recognize something of ourselves in the blurred and yellowing faces of our forbears. By echoing something timeless, they remind us of all that hasn't changed: the ache of long-distance love; the anxiety felt by parents sending their children off to war; that everyone, at one time or another, has felt self-conscious about the way they look in pictures.

"This is my picture. Ha Ha"

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