This is not my hat!

With our growing kids’ section, I often get asked for recommendations for our youngest fans. Without exception, I go to my personal favorite: Jon Klassen’s I WANT MY HAT BACK. I first encountered this gem while looking for a gift for my niece, and actually read it six times before giving it to her (I almost gave her a used coloring book instead, just so that I could keep the book for myself, coolest aunt indeed).

And now, to make this sunny day even brighter: THIS IS NOT MY HAT, the sequel to I WANT MY HAT BACK, has just made it to our store! I read it this morning, and it is just as enjoyable as the first one, if not more. The delusional dialogue of the antagonist, a silly little fish who stole a hat from a big sleeping tuna, is just hilarious. The body language of the characters, the beautiful artwork, and the laugh-out-loud conclusion to the story is sure to make this book an instant hit. I know I’ll have trouble giving this one away, so I might as well just buy two...

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