Chris Kraus! Tonight at the Librairie D+Q Bookstore!

Chris Kraus launches Summer of Hate tonight (Oct 11), 7pm, at our bookstore!

This event is free and open to the public! Kraus' reading at Concordia yesterday was phenomenal, absolutely captivating. Don't miss this reading!

To find out more about the book, read this great review written by Jeff Miller for Cult MTL! Jeff is a trustworthy guy, and he calls Summer of Hate"an important novel," "a necessary corrective to the countless ‘realist’ literary novels that refuse to engage with the dirty realities of contemporary life."

I also urge you to read this freshly uploaded interview between Chris Kraus and Lemon Hound's Melissa Bull, in which Kraus talks about her writing style, the inconsistencies of her characters' thinking (it's a good thing!), the performance of the retrospective I, and more...

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