Upcoming event: Montreal Review of Books' 15th Anniversary!

The Montreal Review of Books will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary on Thursday, November 1 at 7pm here at the Drawn + Quarterly bookstore.

The event will feature readings by local literati Sina Queyras (Autobiography of Childhood, Expressway, Lemon Hound), Taras Grescoe (Straphanger, Bottomfeeder), Peter Dubé (The City's Gates, Subtle Bodies), Monique Polak (Pyro, Miracleville, Junkyard Dog), and others. There will be wine, there will be snacks, and we've even heard delectable rumours of a homemade cake!

We are delighted to support this local rag, and these local writers. We've done events with Taras Grescoe, Sina Queyras and Peter Dubé in the (quite recent) past, and look forward to collaborating with them again.

Congratulations on your anniversary, mRb!
See you there, everyone!

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