Three very different, but all very awesome animal books have arrived in store today:  

Over and Under the Snow is a gorgeous picture book by Kate Messner, with art by Christopher Silas Neal. With whimsy and a little magic, the narrator tells of how she and her Dad cross-country ski in the woods. Her Dad explains that while they ski over the snow's crust, all the animals are hibernating in their own secret world underneath!

Watership Down is a classic, of course, so I'll spare you the plot details - just know that we now have a lovely new edition with numerous colour plate illustrations by Aldo Galli!


Lastly, Safari is a book like I've never seen before: using "unique Photicular technology", it allows you to see zebras, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and other Serengeti dwellers in full movement! The images are kind of like holograms in the way that they "move" as you hold the page at different angles. You can make the animals run, charge, and gallop - both backward and forward. Pretty wild!

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