Anouk Ricard at 211!

Whew, Wednesday night was crazy! Kids a-plenty, crawling and yelling, laughing and spillin' juice...and they showed up in great numbers for the incroyable Anouk Ricard, here in Montreal for the first time ever (indeed, it was the first time she'd set foot in North America, period).

Anouk and an all-star cast of  voice talent - culled from D&Q staff and their children- read/performed the story "Le Cadeau"/"The Present" (I was Bubu for the French version and employed a Peter-Lorre-meets-Acadian-Lumberjack voice that I had been saving up for just such an opportunity).

Here you can see Devlin/Burns clan (aka the Barrymores of Mile End) enacting their respective roles and behind them Julia and Tracy, stars of the office -and now- of stage. 

There was a short 'n sweet Q&A afterwards and those kids asked some pretty impressive questions - believe me (and thanks everybody, for allowing me a forum to perform my "Phil Donahue Does The Limbo" routine. Two things off the ol' bucket list that evening)!

After the Q&A the sweetest kids in town formed a neat an orderly line (if a "neat and orderly line"   could be described as maelstrom of juice-faces and fistfuls of pizza crusts) in order to get their books signed and drawn in by Anouk. And then we screened a short animated Anna & Froga film (which you can watch here) there was some heavy partying to the killer mix from DJ's L'il Lulu 'N Tubby (aka D&Q's Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin aka the Barrymores of Mile End). Man, the kids took the stage like they were Kanye West and we were Taylor Swift!

 So thanks to all of you who showed, we all had a great time! Anouk + Montreal + a bunch of crazy kids = one of the best floor shakers ol' 211 has had yet! Cheers!

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