Event tomorrow: Abstract animations screening night, with Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, and Joshua Bastien

We are thrilled to be hosting an abstract animations screening night tomorrow, Saturday, November 3 at 7pm, featuring a dozen shorts by eclectic artists Leif Goldberg, Julie Doucet, Leyla Majeri, Joshua Bastien and Jason Kadman!

Still from Life Under The Three Suns, L. Goldberg
Still from I need an escape plan, J. Doucet

Still from Zodiacal Light, L. Majeri

Still from Lifantastic II, J. Bastien

Still from Untitled by J. Kadman

For more details, consult this earlier post. This is a not-to-be-missed event! We're really excited to see what these multi-talented, multi-disciplinary cartoonist-filmmaker-musician-animators have created.

See you there!

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