Julie Morstad launches The Wayside Saturday November 24th!

Julie Morstad is hitting Montreal next week to support her brand new D+Q art book, The Wayside.  Saturday November 24 at 7 pm  at Ye Olde Librairie D+Q (211 Bernard O), join us for an evening of beautiful art, good conversations, refreshments, and the occasional book signing.

If you're familiar with Julie's illustrations, you won't need to read on - just schedule everything into your gcal or ical or whatever kinda cal you gots (mine is about the periodic table of the elements! this month is tungsten).  If you're not, let me fill you in!

Julie has done some of the most beautiful children's book illustrations I've seen in recent years. An impressively prolific artist, Julie also did an earlier Petit Livre with D+Q, Milk Teeth, which has been a huge store favourite! But looking at The Wayside, it's clear she went all out with this book, and it paid off.  It's much larger, with tons of all-new illustrations, collages, and some things that MAYBE JUST MAYBE are kinda like comics. All of which are extremely beautiful. Don't miss this opportunity to meet an extremely hardworking, talented (and Canadian, to boot!) artist. Next Saturday, November 24 at 211 Bernard O. 

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