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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pictures from last Thursday's Montreal Review of Books 15th Anniversary party!

Last Thursday, the Montreal Review of Books celebrated its 15th birthday at the store, with readings by local authors Peter Dubé, Tara Gresco, and Monique Polak (Sina Queyras, who would also have read, was unfortunately unable to attend), snacks, drinks, and a delicious homemade cake, which, as you will see, also doubled as a (albeit impermanent) guestbook!

Here's the photographic evidence of the fun that was had:

The scene was set...

...with a tasty spread...

...and an amazing homemade cake that could be signed using EDIBLE CAKE-WRITING MARKERS (who knew these things even existed?)...

Simon Dardick of Véhicule Press gave an eloquent introduction to the evening...

... and Mélanie Grondin of the Montreal Book Review introduced each of the authors...

...with an appropriate flourish!

Peter Dubé read to us from his latest novel, The City`s Gates

Here he is, both in person and on screen on the cover of a recent issue of mRb!
Taras Grescoe read us an exerpt from his latest, Straphanger, about gaining rare and exciting access to the New York subway's City Hall ghost station

And here he is, also doubled in person and on the cover of the Spring 2003 issue of the mRb!
Next up was Monique Polack, who read to us from her newest book for young adults, Pyro

The audience loved it all!

More guests signed the edible guestbook...

...including D+Q's own Peggy Burns...

...after which it was sliced and eaten! 

Happy 15th birthday, Montreal Review of Books! Thanks for a lovely evening, everyone who came!

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