The Best American Comics 2012

The Best American Comics 2012 is here!

This year's guest editor is famed New Yorker art director Fran├žoise Mouly (and, of course, co-editor and publisher with her husband, Art Spiegelman, of the legendary RAW magazine)! One of Mouly's current projects is TOON Books, an imprint she launched in 2008 that publishes comics for children.

She has made a few changes: a title page for each selection with information about the author and the work, and a list of suggested reading at the back, compiled by the series editors, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.

We're excited to see that Drawn and Quarterly is well-represented this year, with excerpts from works by Adrian Tomine (Scenes from an Impending Marriage), Anders Nilson (Big Questions)and Chester Brown (Paying for It). Also featured: Gary Panter (who also did the cover art), Chris Ware, Joyce Farmer, and many more!

Check out Mouly's introduction, a decoupage featuring the work of Pascal Girard, Jillian Tamaki, Dan Clowes and a bunch of others "who couldn't work in the final mix, but who all belong in the anthology."

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