Another 2012 fav: Lilli Carré's HEADS OR TAILS

I always dread the period between the holidays and the New Year, since I inevitably find out about incredible books that would have made my yearly staff picks long after I blog about them. This year, the one book I would add to my best of 2012 is Lilli Carré’s collection of short works HEADS OR TAILS

I was vaguely familiar with Carré’s comics through anthologies, but reading a whole collection of hers just knocked my socks off. Her stories always incorporate some sense of magic realism, where bizarre occurrences are treated as if they were just another aspect of daily life. Equally impressive is Carré’s artistic versatility, always finding the appropriate style, palette and medium to tell her dreamy tales. Make sure to check out her website, she has some real cool illustrations there, not to mention some fun little animations she calls "moving drawings".

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