New KOLAJ Magazine

The third issue of KOLAJ is in! In this number: geometric systems, high fashion faces, sinister pop, and the works of eleven collage artists!

 Chris Foster

Gordon Magnin

Beautiful new French-language picture books

Les livres pour enfants : on aime ça!

La Pastèque's new children's book, Joseph Fipps! The book was written by
Nadine Robert, author of the beautiful children's story Le puits.

A beautiful new book published by Sarbacane this past fall.

New to the store: picture books by Éditions MeMo!!

Granta 122

New GRANTA! This time around the theme is betrayal, so brace yourself for some dark tales about dishonesty and double-crossing meanies. This issue features eleven contemporary writers, such as Janine Di Giovanni, Karen Russell, and Colin Robinson, as well as a beautiful photo essay by Darcy Padilla. 

In stock: Hot Pink paperback!

McSweeney's author Adam Levin's Hot Pink, which we had the pleasure of launching last April, is now available in paperback!

Here's some of the praise this charming book of short fiction stories has gotten:

"Levin is especially adept at capturing the way we sometimes change against our will.... Life in 'Hot Pink' is raw, messy, yet replete with moments of awkward grace."
The New York Times Book Review
"A hilarious, tenderly wrought story collection."
Publisher's Weekly(Starred Review)

"Each story in this anticipated follow-up to Levin's megalithic debut The Instructions, has its own cracks-fissures in otherwise recognizable realities that expose the hidden aspects of everyday experience."
"Wacky, slapstick, and fully charming."
Interview Magazine

Some more cookbooks!

We got some more cookbooks in this week!

"Oh, to be back in the land of Coca-Cola"

Coca-cola has pretty much permeated every aspect of global culture: music*, television, the Olympics, cinema, and even the extreme sport of antiquing. We’ve all heard the awful facts: 8 teaspoons of sugar per can and powerful enough to clean a dirty penny. What we don’t often hear is the global impact of this multinational corporation, whether it's water depletion in India or the repression of unions in Columbia. Same can be said about the coffee industry and coca production, which also figure in Ricardo Cortés’ fascinating work A SECRET HISTORY OF COFFEE, COCA, AND COLA. With beautiful illustrations, Cortés reveals the untold story of three of the most consumed plants on Earth and our problematic relation to them.

* I went with The Band/Dylan here, but really, I could have gone for anything else... The Kinks, The Beach Boys, Neil Young, oh, and the best band ever: Aqua!

New Brian Ralph reprints now in store!

A new edition of Brian Ralph's Cave-In has been released by D+Q as a flexibound book under our Enfant imprint. This wordless, all-ages adventure story is a classic!


Ralph's New York Times bestseller Daybreak, a memorable first-person zombie story, is also getting a reprint - a paperback tome available starting February 19.

Y'all should also look out for this year's upcoming collection of Brian's Reggie-12 comics from Giant Robot magazine.

I'm having chipotle chicken soup for dinner

900 pages providing "everything necessary to master and enjoy the full richness of Latin American cuisine." The book has 20 (!) chapters filled with mouth-watering recipes that almost make you forget your toes are frozen. You can find out more about the author and her inspirations here.

A glossary of peppers! Maravilloso!

La Vie de Steve Jobs - Le Manga

Attention, petite perle: la biographie du glorieux Steve Jobs,en manga. Parfait pour ceux qui rêvaient d'une version abrégée du tome d'Isaacson, ce one-shot survole les moments clés de la carrière de Jobs, de son job d'été chez Hewlett Pacard au ventes colossales du Iphone, en passant par la renaissance des ordinateurs Macintosh et les multiples déclinaisons de l'Ipod.

Trop kawaii ce Steve Jobs!

New to the shop: two French Anouk Ricard books!

For Adults:  

An internet date ends badly, the police search for someone who has been stabbing swimming pools, a thief holds up a bakery...

For Kids: 

Poems about earth worms and flies, by Olivier Douzou and Anouk Ricard

Uppercase 16

The new issue of UPPERCASE is in! In this issue: stitching, threading, knitting, and knotting, as well as some great pieces on Brooklyn’s Old American Can Factory, wet plate photography, and steam engine restoration! My personal favorite: Julia Rothman honors the important people in her life by illustrating their shoes.

First English-language edition of Ruppert and Mulot: Barrel of Monkeys!

Celebrated French comics artists Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot draw intensely collaborative, mesmerizing comics that play with optical illusions and systems of perception to mine the dark crevices of human interaction. In Barrel of Monkeys, they deftly stitch together several bizarre story-lines, including a late-night break-in to the zoo to investigate a potential elephant molestation situation, and the escapades of two portrait photographers who find themselves in stranger and stranger scenarios with their various customers.

Barrel of Monkeys, which won the Prix Révélation at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, is Ruppert and Mulot's first book to be published in English. It also constitutes the launch of Bill Kartalopoulous' Rebus Books!

Startled by an ostrich in the night
One of the book's intricate Eadweard Muybridge-esque sequences, involving a guide dog race

These are two of many phenakistoscopes in Barrel of Monkeys. As indicated in the book, if you want to see some of the phenakistoscopes in motion, click through - and click on each of the phenakistoscopes to see them in motion! Seriously, do it. It's pret-ty cool.

Jérôme Mulot did all the hand-lettering in this English language edition, for aesthetic fidelity

The dialogue is often laid out in this confusing, yet appealing vertical fashion
There is also this great review by Dustin Harbin at Drawn Blog, and this mention at the always excellent 50 Watts! Everyone's hoping for some more Ruppert & Mulot English language editions soon!

Comics Workshop with Pascal Girard at CCA this Sunday

In conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Architecture's new ABC: MTL exhibition, Drawn & Quarterly will be presenting three kids comics workshops at the museum. First up is cartoonist Pascal Girard with a workshop this Sunday, January 20th from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. D+Q publisher Chris Oliveros is on board for Sunday, February 3rd, followed by Creative Director Tom Devlin on Sunday February 17. Each workshop will have a different theme and focus. Workshops are free and are for kids ages 6 through 12. Space may be limited so best to reserve in advance to guarantee a spot. More info here and here.

Fantagraphics madness

Whoa, whatta week! We just received four new releases from our friends at Fantagraphics Books.

First up to bat: the king of wordless comics Jim Woodring! And no, this isn’t another psychedelic Frank adventure, but rather, a beautiful collection of Woodring’s sketches from 2004 to 2012. Presented in a sketchbook format, PROBLEMATIC is a must for all Woodring fans.

Next is Chris Wright’s debut graphic novel BLACK LUNG, a story about an arrogant teacher forced into a nautical nightmare of thieves and sailors. This book has been receiving a lot of praise and I can see why, it looks incredible. I can’t wait to read this one.

Then comes a double reissue of LOS TEJANOS and LOST CAUSE from historian-cartoonist Jack Jackson. Jackson was an important figure in the early world of underground comics and is even cited by some as the creator of the first underground comic ever, titled God Nose (1964). As a history buff living in Texas, Jackson produced an impressive body of work on the tragic Anglo/Mexican continental struggles following the civil war.

Last but not least is Tom Kaczynski’s BETA TESTING THE APOCALYPSE, described as a “contemporary demonology, an occult theory, a mutant utopia and an architectural treatise.” In case that wasn’t trippy enough, this book of short stories is said to include Marxist zombies on Mars, secret societies, and designer ghosts from the future.

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