Fantagraphics madness

Whoa, whatta week! We just received four new releases from our friends at Fantagraphics Books.

First up to bat: the king of wordless comics Jim Woodring! And no, this isn’t another psychedelic Frank adventure, but rather, a beautiful collection of Woodring’s sketches from 2004 to 2012. Presented in a sketchbook format, PROBLEMATIC is a must for all Woodring fans.

Next is Chris Wright’s debut graphic novel BLACK LUNG, a story about an arrogant teacher forced into a nautical nightmare of thieves and sailors. This book has been receiving a lot of praise and I can see why, it looks incredible. I can’t wait to read this one.

Then comes a double reissue of LOS TEJANOS and LOST CAUSE from historian-cartoonist Jack Jackson. Jackson was an important figure in the early world of underground comics and is even cited by some as the creator of the first underground comic ever, titled God Nose (1964). As a history buff living in Texas, Jackson produced an impressive body of work on the tragic Anglo/Mexican continental struggles following the civil war.

Last but not least is Tom Kaczynski’s BETA TESTING THE APOCALYPSE, described as a “contemporary demonology, an occult theory, a mutant utopia and an architectural treatise.” In case that wasn’t trippy enough, this book of short stories is said to include Marxist zombies on Mars, secret societies, and designer ghosts from the future.

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