Montreal Writers Event

Friday we had our first event of 2013!

Writers Jacob Spector, Gleb Wilson, Laura Broadent, Guillaume Morisette and Emma Healey spent the evening with us and read some of their poems and stories. If you couldn't make it on Friday, never fear—we still have books by all five authors here at the store!

Jacob Spector reading from his book Scrapple.
His poem about Jean-Luc Picard and a cat was awesome!

Gleb Wilson reading from his book The Plan. The excerpt from a story about New York teenagers on a drug-fueled adventure had everyone laughing!

Laura Broadbent reading her amazing poem "Things Said In a Domestic Setting" from her book Oh There You Are, I Can't See You, Is It Raining? (Snare Books).

Guillaume Morissette reading an excerpt from a novel he is currently working on. His book of poetry and stories I Am My Own Betrayal is available at the store.

Emma Healey reading from her book Begin With The End In Mind. Her witty poem "Heritage Moments" was the perfect ending to a lovely evening.

 Writer and Concordia Prof Jon Paul Fiorentino hosting the event and giving some hilarious fabricated biographical information about the authors.

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