Our first event of 2013: The next wave of Montreal writers!

Dear readers, writers, store-frequenters, friends, and general hangers-around,

We're having our first event of 2013, and you are all invited!
Join us to welcome THE NEXT WAVE OF MONTREAL WRITERS to the store for a showcase/gathering, on Friday, January 11, at 7pm.

The evening will offer the following:

John-Paul Fiorentino, of Snare Books, as host.

5x authors, 3x books, 2x chapbooks, all debuts.
All alumnis (or soon to be) from Concordia’s Creative Writing program.

Highly relatable stories, painfully crafted poems, tweets, hugs, future Heritage moments, dogs, feelings, nervous laughter, Blade Runner, kindness, questionable personal decisions, student debts, trying and failing, people, chairs, other things.

Gleb Wilson, "The Plan" (Trapshot Archives)
Emma Healey, "Begin with the End in Mind" (Arbeiter Ring)
Jacob Spector, "Scrapple" (No Press)
Guillaume Morissette, "I Am My Own Betrayal" (Maison Kasini)
Laura Broadbent, "Oh There You Are, I Can't See You, Is It Raining?" (Snare Books)

Facebook event here.

It will surely be a bewitching evening. We hope to see you here!

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