The First Great Book of 2013 is here!

By now you may have heard but if not let me fill you in: George (Civilwarland in Bad Decline) Saunders' new collection, Tenth of December, is the official toast of the (literary) town!

Just check out these reviews...

'Tenth of December' isn't just the author's most unexpected work yet; it's also his best. (NPR Books)

[Saunders' stories] go for the jugular instead of the funny bone, and they're capable of astounding, unnerving and delighting all at once. The prose is so smartly crafted throughout that it makes me want to go back and re-evaluate all of Saunders' previous books. (SF Gate)

[Saunders] might be a genuine Swiftian force in American fiction, a satirist who so ably captured the risible absurdity of our age that he seemed capable of causing real damage. (Washington Post)’s not like anyone else is doing this, or at least not so masterfully... (Slate)

And, oh yeah, there's this in the New York Times: George Saunders Just Wrote the Best Book You'll Read This Year.

As always, all of our hardcover fiction is 20% off, so drop by and grab a copy when you get a chance and join the likes of David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith, Jonathan Franzen, and Thomas Pynchon in singing praise for George Saunders!

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