"Yeah - I'm pretty sure he's right"

We just received two new Semiotext(e) re-editions: Jean Baudrillard's The Ecstasy of Communication, and Paul Virilio's Lost Dimension.

The Ecstasy of Communication offers a synthesis of Baudrillard's work up to 1987 - a condensced summation of the Baudrillardan critique of contemporary alienation, massively abundant in beautiful, albeit distressing, images. MIT calls it "an anti-manifesto," "an essential crib-book, lexicon, and companion piece to any and all of Baudrillard’s books". I love some of the Goodreads reviews it's gotten:

"Changed everything!" - Sky
"Cha-Ching!" - Sophiaalmaria
"Yeah - I'm pretty sure he's right" - MET - Goodreads

Virilio's Lost Dimension is also a translated book of french critical theory from the eighties. This compilation of five essays is described by its publisher as a "multidisciplinary excavation of contemporary physics, architecture, esthetic theory, and sociology." It anticipates modern modes of conceptualizing space and time in an era where the city, and the third dimension altogether, has collapsed into screens.

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