Beatrix Potter's classic tales!

My esteemed colleague Aleshia had the happy idea of ordering a whole pile of Beatrix Potter's classic animal tales, still available in the pocket-sized editions of my childhood. The trials and tribulations of of Peter Rabbit, his cousin Benjamin Rabbit, the unfortunate Jemima Puddleduck, the mischievous Tom Kitten, among others, are endlessly readable, especially when accompanied by Potter's excellent watercolours.

Behold, a few specimens!

In which Benjamin Bunny boldly helps Peter Rabbit steal back into Mr. McGregor's garden in order to get his clothing back.

In which naughty Tom Kitten ignores the advice of his mother, gets his good clothes dirty in the garden, and gives them away to some ducks.

In which Samuel Whiskers, a large rat, and his wife Anna-Maria, seek to make a tasty pudding out of none other thanTom Kitten!
In which Two Bad Mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca raid the dolls' house, only to find that all the food is made of plaster.

Bone & Bread launch

Last night, Montrealers came out in numbers to attend the launch of Saleema Nawaz’s highly anticipated novel BONE & BREAD. The night started across the street at Cafe Depanneur (thanks Benoit!), where the audience was lucky to assist to an incredible performance by The Monday Night Choir, which featured our other neighbor, Nathan, from Phonopolis. The choir was just beautiful, enchanting the audience and finishing off with four gorgeous Estonian wedding songs.

 Bah, sorry for the blurry picture! But really, this was awesome!

Following the musical act, everyone crossed the street for the main event: Saleema Nawaz’s launch of her new book BONE & BREAD. And let me tell you, this was quite the literary event, the place was PACKED! 

 The crowd (lookin' good Montreal!)

 A great introduction by Kate McQuaid from House of Anansi.
Following a short reading, there was a Q&A period with Drew Nelles, editor in chief of Maisonneuve, during which Saleema revealed her partisanship for Fairmount Bagels (I second that). Speaking of Maisonneuve, make sure to check out their feature interview with Saleema by the awesome Melissa Bull. 


  Saleema and Maisonneuve's Drew Nelles.

A big thank you to Saleema and her publisher Kate from House Of Anansi! Also, thank you to Maisonneuve Magazine, Cafe Depanneur, The Monday Night Choir, and all of you who came out and showed love for our community!

Kate Zambreno - Toilet Bowl

We just received the newest Guillotine chapbook! It is an essay written by Kate Zambreno, author of Green Girl and the much talked-about Heroines.

As Zambreno writes on her blog, Apoplexia, Toxic Shock, and Toilet Bowl: Some Notes on Why I Write discusses her "writing paralysis post-writing Heroines, examining toxicity on the Internet but also celebrating writing that comes from maladaptive emotions and rage (Close to the Knives, Valerie Solanas), circling around impotent and infuriating discourses around a woman's body and figures of furious girls."


Guillotine is a small press run by Sarah McCarry out of Brooklyn, NY. She publishes beautiful letter press chapbooks of radical non-fiction. We still have copies of the second Guillotine title, Troubleshooting Silence in Arizona by Bojan Louis.

TONIGHT! Saleema Nawaz launches BONE AND BREAD

House of Anansi and Maisonneuve invite you to a book launch and reading by Saleema Nawaz and a brief but stimulating literary conversation with Saleema and Drew Nelles, Editor in Chief of Maisonneuve, and a performance by Mile End’s Monday Night Choir.

The event will begin at Le Dépanneur café (206 Rue Bernard Ouest) with the choir performance from 7:00-7:30 p.m. and then continue across the street at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

Bone and Bread is the first novel by Saleema Nawaz, author of the acclaimed short story collection Mother Superior. The book begins with character Beena trying to sort through emotions and memories after the death of her sister, Sadhana. The reader is plunged into the details of the family's past, much marked by Beena's teenage pregancy and Sadhana's anorexia, as a tale of two sisters unfolds.

"Nawaz draws the core relationships with immaculately rendered delicacy; she gives the narrative time and space to unfold and evolve in a way that carries uncanny emotional punch. She also invests the novel with a vivid sense of place: Many sections are as Mile End-specific as any fiction since early Mordecai Richler [...] Bone & Bread fulfils the promise of Nawaz’s acclaimed story collection debut, Mother Superior, and then some. It is one of the events of the year on the Canadian fiction scene."
-Ian McGillis, The Montreal Gazette


Yesterday the store was packed with lots of excited kids and parents here to meet Raina Telgemeier. Raina is currently touring the United States and Canada and we were so pleased to be able to welcome her here at the bookstore during her first-ever visit to Montreal.

Before the event—books and an arsenal of juice boxes ready to go. There's Addie hiding in the corner.

Here's Arwen doing an amazing job of introducing Raina!

 Lots of kids!

 Lots of grown-ups!

Raina told us about how she started drawing comics and talked about some of the comics that really inspired her (one of her faves is Calvin and Hobbes!) Here she is showing us some of her very first comics (a series called Take-Out).

 Raina told us a bit about what materials she uses: she first draws in pencil then inks with a brush, finishing some of the details with black marker.

We were super lucky to get to see Raina in action! At the request of the crowd, here's characters Callie and Raina from Drama and Smile in a dentist's office... (check out the awesome horse in the background).

Some fans waiting to have their books signed.

If you couldn't make it to the event, we still have signed copies of Smile, Drama and the Babysitter's Club books at the bookstore. We look forward to Raina's upcoming graphic novel, Sisters, out in 2014!

Yesterday's n+1 Magazine Panel Discussion

Yesterday evening, we had the pleasure of hosting n+1 magazine editors Carla Blumenkranz, Dayna Tortorici and Elizabeth Gumport for a reading and a panel discussion on print media and women in publishing.

This amazing essay was read and discussed. Then we talked about the VIDA count, which I urge everyone to consult, and then the panel discussed various feminist issues related to the publishing world. A couple of our favorite Canadian publications were name-dropped throughout the night: Maisonneuve (twice!), Matrix Magazine and the Scrivener Review to name a few.

Thanks for a really engaging discussion and Q&A session, n+1! Hope to see you again in the future! Thanks also to everyone who came and occupied all the seats that were available. Here are two more photos of the panel below:

Raina Telgemeier TODAY! 3pm!

Oh man, we're super excited for this! The amazing Raina Telgemeier will be here at the Librairie D&Q, tomorrow, Saturday, March 23rd, to give a presentation and discussion on her work and how hard work and a love of drawing and storytelling led to her current status as an award-winning, best-selling graphic artist!
Just last year I picked up a copy of her book Smile as a gift for my (then) eight-year old daughter who, after reading it two times in a row, informed me that it "was the best book she'd ever read"  Flash to a couple weeks later and the book spread like wildfire through her class at school, all of her friends and classmates loving this auto-biographical story a girl who tripped and knocked out her two front teeth.

Naturally, they wanted more and luckily there was Drama!

And they ate that one up as well!

Now we hear Raina's working on a new one called Sisters and there's absolutely no doubt in her (and my) mind that it's going to be another tremendous success. My daughter's advance review was "oh, it will be great!" and that's just based on this sketch Raina featured on her website recently...

 So, mark your calendars: Saturday, March 23rd. Refreshments will be served, books will be signed and the presentation will start at 3pm! Children of parents and parents of children, please, make sure you don't miss this chance to enjoy an afternoon with Raina Telgemeier!

Penguin Lines Series!!

Oh man, this is sweet, some of Penguin's new tube-inspired Penguin Lines series have arrived...

Each one coloured and themed to reflect each of the twelve London tube-lines. Buttoned-Up -pictured above-  was edited by Fantastic Man Magazine and features a contribution by Simon (Retromania, Rip It Up And Start Again) Reynolds on Mod culture.

The rest look like equally gorgeous must-reads and I can't wait for the rest of these collections to arrive... eight more over the next couple months (including a sketchbook by Leanne Shapton!). Thanks again Penguin!

n+1 Magazine Panel Discussion! Tonight, 7pm

We are very excited to welcome n+1 magazine editors Carla Blumenkranz, Dayna Tortorici and Elizabeth Gumport to the bookstore for a reading and a panel discussion on print media, women in publishing, and more!

“The best goddamn literary magazine in America.”
 —Mary Karr

“Just when you’re thinking you’re intellectually alone in the world, something like n+1 falls into your hands.”
—Jonathan Franzen

“n+1 is rigorous, curious and provocative. Intelligent thought is not dead in New York. It has simply moved to Brooklyn.”
—Malcolm Gladwell

Margaret Haines - Coco X Love With Stranger

Coco X Love With Stranger is presented as a book of metaphorical and hypothetical trailers for Los Angeles-based artist Margaret Haines' upcoming film, Coco.

Part art writing, part diary, the first half of the book is an essay that centers on Haines' impassioned interest in the artist, occultist and actress Cameron (1922-1995), who she discovers in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. The book also includes a selection of photographs, stills and other artworks from or relating to the film and its eponymous character.  

Coco x Love With Stranger is published in an edition of 500, so we're very happy to have a couple of copies in stock! The film and its soundtrack (composed by artist Patrick Dyer) will be released this spring, on a usb silicone necklace made in collaboration with designer Arielle de Pinto.

Miriam Katin's new book is here!

Letting It Go is Miriam Katin's second book and the follow-up to her memoir We Are On Our Ownher family's Holocaust survival story. You can see some of the absolutely stunning artwork inside her new book here.

Here's what one reviewer had to say about the book:

"Miriam Katin’s “Letting It Go”... is my kind of graphic memoir: loose, impressionistic, a portrait of the artist’s inner life. Keyed by the decision of her adult son Ilan to take up permanent residence in Berlin, it is, in part, the story of her coming to terms, at long last, with her legacy as a survivor of the Holocaust.  But without minimizing this part of the story, “Letting It Go” is much more than that — a meditation on love, on family, and an inquiry into art."--David Ulin, Los Angeles Times

Letting It Go's official Montreal launch will be at the Blue Met Festival on Sunday, April 28th. If you can't wait till then, come by the bookstore and pick up a copy!

Johan Willner's Boy Stories

Oh boy, we just got a bunch of new art books and I can’t get over a particular one titled BOY STORIES. Published by Hatje Cantz, the book showcases the works of Swedish photographer Johan Willner as he attempts to recreate past memories from his childhood, not necessarily through specific events, but rather, in the elusive sense of fragments and impressions.

The photograph on the cover captured my attention instantly: a young boy sits in a car with a bloody face, while an adult waits outside the vehicle face out of frame, and the rest of the children look on in the background, some grinning, some expressionless. The rest of the book is just as spellbinding, and I urge you to check out Willner’s website for some higher quality images.

Is Bike-Riding Weather Finally Here?

Ignore this post, you special breed, you who bike all-year long. I admire your guts and tenacity but -and don't judge me- I wait for the softer seasons to pedal all-day, everyday.

Yes, it's looking like that time has arrived. The snowbank around your two-wheeled beauty has disappeared and it's time to cut off that old rusty lock and invest in a new one., and be safe: get a tune-up! While you're on your way, stop by ol' 211 and peruse our selection of books on the subject of bikes. There's a brand new issue of Boneshaker, the second edition of the Bicycle Manifesto, the Enlightened Cyclist from Bike Snob,  as well as some other cycling classics. See you on the street!

Gilbert Hernandez at the Librairie D+Q on April 17th.

You know how April is that month in Montreal when you think Spring is here, but you then get snowed on, hailed on, and temperature drops a million degrees after some freakish warm snap? Well, April is ALSO the month that Librairie D+Q is making your comic dreams come true, with two events with comics book legends! Mark your calendars for Alison Bechdel on April 12th and Gilbert Hernandez touring for his new D+Q book MARBLE SEASON on the 17th. Seems like only yesterday that we hosted Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine and Charles Burns!

The long-awaited English edition of Hair Shirt is here!

This is very exciting! Hair Shirt, by local comic artist, Concordia professor, and friend of the store, Pat McEown, has been very popular in its French edition for several years. Now, finally, it is available in the original English!

Hair Shirt is both engrossing and haunting, a story of unresolved trauma, nightmares, love, and penance (as implied by the title) in often murky urban wasteland. The Graphic Novel Reporter reviews the English edition here!  

James Gendron and Amy Lawless: Sex & Death! Tonight!

Join us tonight, Wednesday, March 13th for a double book-release party for Amy Lawless's My Dead and James Gendron's Sexual Boat (Sex Boats), from Octopus Books. The evening will feature readings and book signings by the authors.

Amy Lawless is the author of two books of poetry including My Dead (Octopus Books, 2013) and Noctis Licentia (Black Maze Books, 2008). She grew up in Boston and currently lives in New York City, where she was a 2011 NYFA Fellow in poetry. Her recent poems appear in Octopus Magazine 15. Amy also keeps a blog.

James Gendron was born in Portland, Maine and lives in Portland, Oregon. His chapbook, Money Poems was published by Poor Claudia in 2010. He teaches writing at Portland State University. His recent poems appear in Octopus Magazine 15. Sexual Boat (Sex Boats) (Octopus Books, 2013) is his first full-length book of poetry.

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