Hand-drying in America

Just about two years ago, the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore had the pleasure of hosting an event with the incredible Ben Katchor. If you were lucky enough to be there, you probably remember the following: an epic slideshow fit for a Master’s art class, and the one guy in the audience who just wouldn’t stop talking about bagels. Bagel-guy aside, I think Katchor’s presentation was one of the most impressive I’ve seen to date and I’ve since been a huge fan of his work.

All that to say: hey, we just received a new Ben Katchor book! Published by Pantheon, HAND-DRYING IN AMERICA AND OTHER STORIES looks incredible, with huge pages and for the first time ever COLOR!

Check out what comics master Chris Ware had to say about it:
“Ben Katchor’s new book (his first in full color and I think also his best yet), Hand-Drying in America, furthers his reputation as one of the few geniuses of the form, to say nothing of being one of the first exemplars of what literary fiction told in comics form could be.” What more do you need? Come for a visit and pick up a copy!

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