Margaret Haines - Coco X Love With Stranger

Coco X Love With Stranger is presented as a book of metaphorical and hypothetical trailers for Los Angeles-based artist Margaret Haines' upcoming film, Coco.

Part art writing, part diary, the first half of the book is an essay that centers on Haines' impassioned interest in the artist, occultist and actress Cameron (1922-1995), who she discovers in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. The book also includes a selection of photographs, stills and other artworks from or relating to the film and its eponymous character.  

Coco x Love With Stranger is published in an edition of 500, so we're very happy to have a couple of copies in stock! The film and its soundtrack (composed by artist Patrick Dyer) will be released this spring, on a usb silicone necklace made in collaboration with designer Arielle de Pinto.

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