Miriam Katin's new book is here!

Letting It Go is Miriam Katin's second book and the follow-up to her memoir We Are On Our Ownher family's Holocaust survival story. You can see some of the absolutely stunning artwork inside her new book here.

Here's what one reviewer had to say about the book:

"Miriam Katin’s “Letting It Go”... is my kind of graphic memoir: loose, impressionistic, a portrait of the artist’s inner life. Keyed by the decision of her adult son Ilan to take up permanent residence in Berlin, it is, in part, the story of her coming to terms, at long last, with her legacy as a survivor of the Holocaust.  But without minimizing this part of the story, “Letting It Go” is much more than that — a meditation on love, on family, and an inquiry into art."--David Ulin, Los Angeles Times

Letting It Go's official Montreal launch will be at the Blue Met Festival on Sunday, April 28th. If you can't wait till then, come by the bookstore and pick up a copy!

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