More Kids Books en Français

Some lovely new French-language children's books have come in this week, and there are more on the way!

Another beautifully illustrated book published by Éditions MeMo! In this story, a little girl searches Kyoto for a mysterious friend, discovering new people and places along the way.

A little boy receives a gift from his parents: a snake! Not just any ordinary reptile... "le boa le plus doué, le plus génial et le plus sensationnel AU MONDE!" He can cook, walk the dog, do math, and even play baseballa hilarious tale with delightful illustrations.

I was so excited to see that Luke Pearson's Hilda comics are now available in French! We've just received the French-language versions of the first two Hilda books (Hilda et le troll and Hilda et le géant de la nuit) and both the French and English versions of the third book, Hilda and the Bird Parade/Hilda et la parade des oiseaux, will be arriving soon.

Check out more images from the Hilda books on Nobrow's site and more of Luke Pearson's amazing work on his blog.

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