Oh my Glob, you guys, the first two volumes of Adventure Time comics are here!

Humans, dogs, princesses, vampires - rejoice! We now have Adventure Time, volumes One and Two in store! Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, the Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, Gunter, BMO, and all your other favourite oddball characters from Pendleton Ward's most excellent animated series are now adventuring in print form for the first time!


In Volume One, the horrifying Lich uses his terrible powers to suck up the entire world of Ooo into his all-purpose bag. Our Adventure Time friends are sucked up one by one, including Lumpy Space Princess, who is, of course, in the middle of an important phone conversation with unseen friend, MELISSA.

Will LSP still have cell reception in the Lich's bag?? Slightly more importantly, will she, Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, the Ice King and the newly introduced Desert Princess be able to free Ooo from the clutches of the Lich? COME FIND OUT...

In Volume Two, Princess Bubblegum, ever the genius scientist, builds a real, functioning TIME MACHINE.

She warns Finn and Jake that it should only be used in emergencies, but, of course, when she leaves them alone with it, they can't hold off using it for long! Chaos ensues! Can the Adventure Time gang put the Land of Ooo's timeline back as it should be before it's permanently looped up?? Glob only knows! But you will too, if you get your hands on this highly prized volume...

Also included in both volumes are Adventure Time cover art galleries, featuring the following, among many others:
Covers by Chris Houghton & Kassandra Heller (left) and Eleanor Davis (right)
Covers by Elena Barbarich (left) and store fave Michael Deforge (right)!
I promise Fun, Adventure, and Staggering Weirdness for everyone! Do come by and see for yourselves!

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