Yesterday the store was packed with lots of excited kids and parents here to meet Raina Telgemeier. Raina is currently touring the United States and Canada and we were so pleased to be able to welcome her here at the bookstore during her first-ever visit to Montreal.

Before the event—books and an arsenal of juice boxes ready to go. There's Addie hiding in the corner.

Here's Arwen doing an amazing job of introducing Raina!

 Lots of kids!

 Lots of grown-ups!

Raina told us about how she started drawing comics and talked about some of the comics that really inspired her (one of her faves is Calvin and Hobbes!) Here she is showing us some of her very first comics (a series called Take-Out).

 Raina told us a bit about what materials she uses: she first draws in pencil then inks with a brush, finishing some of the details with black marker.

We were super lucky to get to see Raina in action! At the request of the crowd, here's characters Callie and Raina from Drama and Smile in a dentist's office... (check out the awesome horse in the background).

Some fans waiting to have their books signed.

If you couldn't make it to the event, we still have signed copies of Smile, Drama and the Babysitter's Club books at the bookstore. We look forward to Raina's upcoming graphic novel, Sisters, out in 2014!

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