TOMORROW!! Free Comic Book Day! Saturday May 4th!

Ok, let's see if we can ramp-up the nutiness this year 'cuz last year was a crazy-times record-breaker!

Yeah, that's right FREE COMICS!!! All day, 10am 'til 7pm...and what goes well with comics? Juice? Sure, we'll have some on hand. Cookies? Oh about music? YES. Librairie D+Q is super excited to announce performances by Catriona Sturton and Birdy Whyte!

CATRIONA STURTON learned to file harmonica reeds in a Halifax alley, toured Japan with Hiroshima based garage rock band The Secret and was a special guest on The Price is Right with Plumtree (Scott Pilgrim).  Her songs are shaped by Halifax classic pop, Japanese punk rock and New Orleans Rhythm & Blues.

BIRDY WHYTE's wistful lyrics and unique vocal stylings draw from the likes of Iris Dement, Gillian Welch, The Carter Family and Patsy Cline.  This country-folk, banjo gal, plays simple, heartfelt songs that are both traditional and original.  Her music will pull you in and let you go feeling like you've just been swimming in a pool of warm summer sun.

Catriona and Birdy will play music from 1:30-2:30pm. Don't miss them!!

211 Bernard Ouest, 10am:  Be here, be here, be here!!

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