Gilbert Hernandez Launches Marble Season at Librairie D+Q

This week, comics luminary Gilbert Hernandez paid us a visit while on tour for his new graphic novel Marble Season. Here are some photos of the night:

Before kicking things off, Gilbert and his editor Tom posed in front of the biggest poster to ever grace our front window. Rumour has it that a good friend and neighbor of the store bears a striking resemblance to Marble Season's Barnabas (seen in a red shirt on the cover of the book)... I'm not saying who!

Here's Tom introducing Gilbert on stage, with 1) a wonderful recap of all the reasons why Gilbert is one of the most important cartoonists ever, and 2) the first Love and Rockets comic he ever bought. Don't quote me on this, but I think he said he had to have it because he liked the crying, sad girl on the cover (you can totally quote me on this).

Gilbert's presentation was titled “From Funny Books to Graphic Novels.” It paid tribute to the silver age comics he read when he was younger, a lot of which are featured in the semi-autobiographic Marble Season.

I loved the couple of Dennis the Menace pages he showed, they were well crafted, with expressive drawings and ingenious composition. I believe they were by Al Wiseman. (CORRECTION: Owen Fitzgerald is the artist. He's Gilbert and Jaime's favourite Dennis cartoonist.)

The store was packed, as it should be!

Here's Gilbert during the Q&A session, wondering what his top 3 favorite punk bands are. Past and present attempts at bringing Hernandez characters to the big screen were also discussed - let's leave it at that, winky face emoticon.

Then Gilbert went on to sign his fan's books... and their Love and Rockets trading cards - jealous! He sweetly left us a lot of signed stock, come get some while supplies last!

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