Marble Season is here!

Yikes and yahoo! Gilbert Hernandez's new classic is on the shelves, in the window, and - perhaps most importantly- in my hands!

Like an umbrella on this rainy day, this hardcover drop of sunshine is gotta be one of the best books of the year so far. Concisely capturing a bygone era when kids of all ages hung together like family on the block, forming ad-hoc clubs and forging off-kilter relationships that will inform their lives later on.  Los brother Gilbert has concocted a masterwork that will -depending on the generation you represent or the neighbourhood you grew up in - have you looking back with fondness, back when comics and marbles were king, or wondering if such  accounts of rivalry and camraderie are too fantastic to believe (they aren't)!

Of course, the man himself will be here at Librairie D&Q (211 Bernard Ouest) tomorrow, Wednesday April 17th at 7pm. DO NOT miss your chance to see one of the foremost legends of comics in such intimate quarters!

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