New Cookbooks!

Some amazing new cookbooks have come out this year! Here's a look at some of them:

First off we have three beautiful new books from Phaidon. Check out this post by the lovely Jade on other cookbooks by the same publisher.

Cook it Raw dinners have been held since 2009 around the world, gathering some of the globe's best chefs for a unique dinner created together; the book documents the experience. More info on this awesome initiative here.

 This is another book in Phaidon's Silver Spoon Series. Explore the island of Sicily's local cuisine with traditional recipes and beautiful photographs.

From the Rose Bakery in Paris comes a selection of delicious recipes with eggs, from eggs benny to frittata and scones to custard tarts!

Home Made Summer is here! 
"Ideas for long barbecue nights with friends, perfect salads to accompany the grilled dishes, cold soups for those super-hot days, and festive summer drinks. The book is brimming with foolproof recipes, step-by-step explanations, mouthwatering photography by Oof, and Yvette’s lively illustrations." - Yvette's website

By Seb Emina of the London Review of Breakfasts. All the reviews I've read of this book are simply gushing over this delightful guide to breakfasts. If you adore breakfast, every day and all day long, then this is a book for you!

Stop by the store to check out all the other exciting new cookbooks we've been receiving... with more to come!

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