New titles from PM Press!

We just got two exciting new PM Press books in!

The first is Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle, by the brilliant feminist writer, teacher, and militant Silvia Federici. Federici has been in Montreal for the past few days, first for a talk and discussion about this new book (which I was very glad to attend), and then to lead a workshop as part of the Anti-Capitalist Teach-In on May Day and Labour that was put on today by the Popular Education Committee of the CLAC. 

From PM Press: "Beginning with Federici’s organizational work in the Wages for Housework movement, the essays collected here unravel the power and politics of wide but related issues including the international restructuring of reproductive work and its effects on the sexual division of labor, the globalization of care work and sex work, the crisis of elder care, the development of affective labor, and the politics of the commons."

And then there's George Caffentzis' new book, with its Marx-inspired title, In Letters of Blood and Fire: Work, Machines, and the Crisis of Capitalism. Caffentzis is a leading thinker in the development of autonomist thought who has been engaged in varied movements during the past half-century, from civil rights sit-ins and antinuclear efforts to alter-globalization and pro-commons activities.

From PM Press: "This collection draws upon a careful rereading of Marx’s thought in order to elucidate political concerns of the day. Originally written to contribute to the debates of the anticapitalist movement over the last thirty years, this book makes Caffentzis’s writings readily available as tools for the struggle in this period of transition to a common future."

Surely these reads will be inspiring, in terms of both thought and action.

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