Our Alison Bechdel Event!

Well, one of my biggest goals since starting at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was realized the Friday before last : an event with the amazing Alison Bechdel at the Ukrainian Federation!

Before the event, I, along with my colleagues from the office, Julia (who's taking the picture) & Tracy, was fortunate enough to enjoy dinner with Alison and her awesome girlfriend, Holly.  Conversation veered from the delightful adult-Halloween that is the San Diego Comic Con to the wonderful pastries of Mile End, to  mine and Alison's shared fondness for the film Jaws (well, she said "that's a good movie" and then I talked about how I was concerned that it didn't seem to be the source for as much cosplay as I thought it deserved). And though it will be no surprise to her fans: Alison was the sweetest!!

We were lucky enough to have secured our dear friend Dr. Jenny Burman for introduction duties and here she and I are, backstage, laughing at some Gilmore Girls fanfic we found laying around. It was hilarious...

...but, it was meant to be funny, right? Aw, jeez.

After Jenny's wonderful intro Alison hit the stage!!

 Starting off with a reading of an excerpt Alison then took us through her process for creating her newest book, Are You My Mother?, and showed some of the photos she used for drawing references.

After her presentation there was a lively Q&A...

 ...and Alison gave some valuable insight on the creative process and fielded questions on her use of dream sequences and her feelings on Fun Home being ubiquitous on University syllabi since its publication.

After that Alison tackled one of the longest line-ups for a book signing that I'd seen in awhile. It moved slowly because she took as much time as she needed to engage with every single person. 

Again, whattanite! So many kind words from you all, too! It was a pleasure and, as I said in my intro before the intro (pre-intro?), we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and your amazing taste in books.

A huge thank you to Alison for coming up for this... please come back...Montreal loves you!

And a very special thanks to McGill's IGSF for partnering on the event with us!

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