This past Friday, the 211 store was delighted to host Amber Dawn, Tamara Faith Berger, and Elizabeth Bachinsky, as part of the Hottest Book Tour in Recorded History. The store was packed to the seams, not surprisingly, and what followed was hot, candid, sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, and always highly engaging.

It went something like this:

The three hot books in question

Store friend and local author Daniel Allen Cox graciously hosted the evening

Tamara Faith Berger read to us from Little Cat - a passage that she described as "eight minutes of porn about porn". I didn't realize it before, but I am definitely a meta-porn fan. The rest of the audience too, from what I could tell.

Elizabeth Bachinsky read several poems from her collection, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History. Some were hot, as promised. Others were about surprisingly hilarious things, like NAILS.

Amber Dawn read us an intriguing excerpt from her memoire, How Poetry Saved My Life. It was about having a famous actress from the 80s as a a client, and how having sex with this one-time golden girl taught her some unexpected things about herself.
Of course, we wanted to know who the actress was, but Amber left that to our imagination, which is probably better anyway.
There was a Q&A session with the writers. Why do they all write about sex? Because it's a part of everyday life (ideally)! Why leave it out?
Amber, Tamara and Elizabeth consider an audience question, while the boy with the ice cream cone looks over Amber's shoulder...
Then there was book signing!

And group photos!
It was a beautiful evening. Thank you to everyone who came, and listened, and hung out! We still have a couple copies of all three books, if you want to get your paws on them.

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