Talon Books Spring Poetry Launch

Last friday we were very pleased to host the launch of four new books of poetry from Vancouver's Talon Books. After some wine and chatting, the charming Daniel Zomparelli (editor-in-chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine) began the night by introducing the readers.


 First up was Wanda John-Kehewin, who offered moving meditations on the ravages of colonialism (from her book In the Dog House) that left attendees hushed and rapt.


And the second reader was Mariner James, reading from his book The Monument Cycles, which narrates some of his experiences working in Vancouver's Downtown East Side through the polyvocal perspectives of various real and fictional pieces of public art.


Next up, Stephen Collis delivered a bracing, breathless rendition of poems from To the Barricades, a book heavily inspired by his experiences with Occupy Vancouver and concerned with commonalities between revolts past and present.


And to conclude the night, the lovely and very funny Dina del Bucchia took the stage and introduced her new book, Coping with Emotions and Otters, by asking the audience to clasp hands like the Vancouver Aquarium's viral-video-famous otters so she could snap a quick phone pic.


And, being a wonderful audience, everyone obliged!


After which Dina exhorted us not to let the wine go to waste and then delighted us with some poems about self-help, jealousy, and celebrity.


Everyone had a great time! A big thank you to Daniel Zomparelli and Talon Books and to everyone who came out!

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