TONIGHT: Tamara Faith Berger, Amber Dawn & Elizabeth Bachinsky!

Join us tonight, Thursday, April 18th for a triple book launch with Nightwood Editions, Coach House Books and Arsenal Pulp Press!

With her signature eye for irony and sensuality, Elizabeth Bachinsky's latest book of poetry, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History, balances a youthful playfulness with observational maturity. Bachinsky strings together seemingly non-sequitur images, capturing in these poems the commonality of raw intimacy, dark humour and a sense of immediacy. Her vision is unapologetically bold, finding the erotic in everyday moments and capturing the complicated truths of life in a candid style. 

Tamara Faith Berger brings the heat with Little Cat. Following the publication of her third novel, Maidenhead, Coach House Books decided to release Little Cat, a book that collects revised versions of her first two (out-of-print) novels, Lie With Me, which shows a young woman's sexual explorations through multiple points of view, and The Way of the Whore, a contemporized and sexualized version of the story of Mary of Egypt.

In her new memoir How Poetry Saved My Life, Amber Dawn offers a frank, unflinching, and multifaceted portrait of her experiences hustling on the streets of Vancouver. Alternating between tender poetry and searing prose, she re-traces her path from survival street work to her present-day life as a writer, filmmaker, activist, artist, and educator.

How Poetry Saved My Life is a story of struggle, isolation, violence, missing women, and fear; as well, it's a story of strength, solidarity, alliances, transformation and the particular "ghetto feminism" forged between sex workers. Queer, feminist, and sex-positive, How Poetry Saved My Life is a moving and revolutionary book that will challenge readers to confront assumptions about sex work and sexuality.

Don't miss the chance to see these three amazing authors in person. 7pm. Hosted by Librairie D+Q fave, Daniel Allen Cox (Basement Of Wolves) !!

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