TONIGHT: Anansi Poetry Evening! 7pm.

Join us tonight for an evening of poetry, featuring readings from the new books of Anansi poets Michael Crummey (Under the Keel), Adam Dickinson (The Polymers), and Sara Peters (1996).

The Polymers by Adam Dickinson is structured as an imaginary science project, the varied pieces in this collection investigate the intersection of poetry and chemicals, specifically plastics, attempting to understand their essential role in culture.  

1996, Sara Peters' visionary debut collection is all about obsessions — about desire, violence, sex, beauty, and cruelty, about how they lace through our days, leaving us changed.  

Under the Keel is the brilliant new collection from Newfoundland’s Michael Crummey, the bestselling author of Galore. 

 Bring your friends so you all don't miss this together! 211 Bernard Ouest, 7pm!

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