Brunetti's Aesthetics!

 Ok, awesome, Ivan (the Schizo series, Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice) Brunetti's Aesthetics: A Memoir has landed at 211!

This excellent retrospective features many archival drawings & sketches,  New Yorker covers,  poster and album cover designs, strips and sculptures...all with commentary from the comics giant himself.

You may recognize this from our shelves: Brunetti's design for the edition of Roald Dahl's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Brunetti claims Ernie Bushmiller as huge influence. Check out this never-published Nancy strip of Brunetti's from back when he was trying to get a full-time Nancy gig.

A beautiful book that gives the best possible overlook of Brunetti's career thus far. A very necessary purchase for any discerning comics fan!

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