For all you odd ducks out there...

...Sara Varon (Robot Dreams, Bake Sale) and Cecil Castelluci (We Have Always Lived on Mars) have teamed up to create a strange and charming new graphic tale, Odd Duck!

Theodora is a truly independent duck. She has a daily routine, complete with swimming exercises and star-gazing, and has eccentric tastes for a duck (mango salsa!) At the same time, she is well-mannered, and follows the general rules of duck society so as not to stick out too much...

Theodora's pleasant routine is interrupted by the arrival of a new neighbour, Chad. Chad is also an eccentric duck, but to Theodora's horror and disdain, he is eccentric in a loud and unkempt way! How rude!

What happens when two odd ducks must coexist? Disaster? Everlasting friendship? 
I can't possibly give it away, but I will say Odd Duck is beyond charming, and that everyone and their kids should read it!

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