For a Sumptuous Supper

A cookbook by Mérida Anderson of Vegan Secret Supper, a pop up dining club in Montreal, Vancouver and New York. Now you can have your own secretive suppers!

Check out more photos of amazing VSS food creations here.

Another vegan cookbook full of recipes that look just perfect for a summer evening on your balcony.

What a coincidence - I love yam fries!

Recipes from the Brooklyn eatery Saltiesimple, fresh, delicious food.

A perfect lunch for the carnivorously inclined: pickled veggies, ham, liver mousse, sesame seeds, cilantro  and fresh bread. 

I could barely hold this book up it is so packed with delicious recipes. My co-worker Saelan commented on how the pages seem pastry scented (mmmm!). If you've ever wanted to be a master of French pastries, here is the book to help you fulfill the lifelong dream.

Step-by-step photos!

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