Free Comic Book Day 2013: Recap!

Once again, Free Comic Book Day was a rousing success! From open until close we could barely keep the table stocked with comics...and the juice and cookies were pretty popular, too! Enjoy these photos and revisit the fun!

Our first customers of the day survey the selection.

Woody goes straight for the cookies.
In awe of so many free comics.
These two settled right in to read, but they were a bit camera-shy.

But these gentlemen were eager to show off.
Birdy Whyte entertained us with kid-friendly covers of Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, plus a few banjo originals.
The store really filled up!
Kids enjoying comics and music.
And Catriona Sturton closed out the day by charming us with her harmonica-laced folk-pop.

For more info about Birdy and Catriona, see our FCBD preview post!

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