New Guy Delisle!

We just received a new D+Q book by Guy Delisle! With A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting, Delisle takes a break from writing landmark, award-winning travelogues and brings us a collection of humourous, self-deprecating vignettes.

Right in time for Fathers' Day, this new book offers wry solutions to the petty frustrations of being a dad who works from home. Compared to the original French edition, this one has pulpier paper and no dust-jacket which, if you insist on knowing my personal opinion on this matter, I think is nicer.

Oh, Guy! Catch him next week in Montreal, on the occasion of the Festival BD de Montréal, where Guy has been invited as a special guest. He'll be signing at the festival everyday, and we'll have his books on hand at our table there!

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