Photos from Lisa Hanawalt and Michael Kupperman launch!

Last week, we were graced by the hi-larious hijinks of New York City cartoonists Lisa Hanawalt and Michael Kupperman. They were here to launch their newest books: My Dirty Dumb Eyes and Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Vol. 2, respectively. Though you'd never confuse the two, both have a keen eye for skewering pop culture and colourfully sardonic artwork. And don't these covers go nicely together? Meant to be.

Tracy, editor at D&Q, introduced our guests, making sure to issue a warning about the potential for pants being literally laughed off, just to be safe.

Up first, Michael's delivery combined fast-punch gags and a 1950's announcer voice to complement his work's twisted take on old-school comic strips.

Actually, Michael showcased a special knack for voices of all kinds: at this point, some attendees were briefly under the impression that Daniel Craig had snuck in the back, which was not the case!

But it wasn't all fun and games and Skyfall parodies: Michael didn't shy away from asking the big questions.

His presentation finished with a screening of this cartoon where Mark Twain cruises around on a raft made of garbage, which settled any questions about the intersection of comics and serious literature for good.

Next up: D & Q's own Lisa and her irreproachable taste in shirts, reading from her vibrant new collection of comics and illustrations.

No British actor was beyond lampoonery that night, no matter how popular with the ladies. This was from a excerpt of Lisa's illustrated movie review of War Horse, which went over extremely well even with an audience in which one lone gentleman admitted to having seen the film.

More big questions were asked.

And everyone learned a whole lot about wildlife, headgear, and the combination thereof.

Though thoroughly pooped out from a long evening of belly laughs, our intrepid audience persevered through a lively signing. We have a bunch of signed copies here at the store, definitely come check them out!

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