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Just in! Mike (Yeti Magazine) McGonigal's excellent new oral and visual history of Galaxie 500:  Temperature's Rising.

One of the best bands to come out of the late-80s, Boston's Galaxie 500 has been receiving a lot of of retroactive praise in the couple of years and deservedly so. The logical next step after the Paisley Underground mini-musical-movement (similarly 60s-influenced bands like the Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade released their defining efforts only a few years before Galaxie 500's career began) and their records are ones that I still revisit on a regular basis to this day (indeed, my killer retrospective G500 mix may very well have been playing on the store`s soundsystem on one of your visits to 211 Bernard). Critical darlings during their relatively brief existence, sure,  but for awhile it seemed like singer Dean Wareham's post-G500 projects (Luna, Dean & Britta) threatened to overshadow his first (and best) band's considerable accomplishments.

Not that they were ever on their way to becoming major unit-shifters or anything  but the band seemed to be  relegated to the same status as their heroes the Velvet Underground as a band who boasted only a small fanbase who couldn`t provide much in the way of  financial security and so, instead,  ensured their place as legends by emulating them in bands of their own (Low, Flying Saucer Attack, the current 'dream pop' scene). Thankfully, some recent -and much appreciated- vinyl reissues have helped remedy this.

McGonigal's book features archival photos, gig posters, set lists and postcards as well as lots of commentary from, not only co-conspirators Wareham, Krukowski, and Yang, but also their producer Kramer and other movers and shakers who contributed to their short 'n sweet run. If you're a fan already -you gotta read it - and if you aren't, Temperature's Rising will serve as a fitting companion as you delve into their perfect trifecta of recorded classics: Today, On Fire, and This Is Our Music.

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