Time to brush up on your gardening and cycling knowledge!

'Tis the season of dirty hands and backpack sweat, everyone. Are you ready for it? Never fear - we have a wide swath of papery materials for you on the topics of gardening and cycling.


Gayla Trail's very hip book on the many facets of gardening, with projects rated for difficulty!

Prints that are both beautiful and instructive. Fruits and veg for every month!

Anxiety needn't stop you from developing a green thumb!

It's easy to be dissuaded from gardening when you live in a tiny apartment with no backyard. Vertical growing could be the answer to your space woes!

If you're too busy to garden, get your kids to grow food for you.


Providing cyclists the know-how to take bicycle repair into their own hands, this manual covers bike care without overly technical terms.

How to have fun on your bike, written by a "reformed racer" who promotes everyday riding.

Introduces a range of passionate cyclists who promote bicycles as a primary form of transport. Also showcases a range of current cyling aesthetics.

The latest issue of Boneshaker magazine, an ad-free quarterly publication that celebrates the wonderful things that happen when people and bikes come together.

How to navigate the joys and dangers of commuting on two wheels.

All these, and many more besides!

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