More great music books!

If you saw our previous post yesterday about the new prog rock book (Yes is the Answer) and thought to yourself, "Gee, I should probably go check out D+Q's music section!" here is a little more incentive for you to do just that. We have so many great music books in stock all the time. Here are a few brand new ones that might tickle your fancy:

The Riot Grrrl Collection (ed. Lisa Darms) and essay by Johanna Fateman (of Le Tigre) promises to be a great read. If you're interested in Riot Grrl culture, feminism, punk rock, 90s subcultures, etc. check it out! 

Not to be overlooked is the fact that we currently have not one, but TWO books about Prince in store!(Prince by Matt Thorne and I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon published by Toure.) The former has a beautiful (and appropriate) purple spine that would look so amazing on your bookshelf. And both covers feature portraits of Prince himself, gazing sensuously into your eyes, as is his way. 

Whatever your opinion on Prince's immense body of work, not to mention his controversial public persona, this man is a musical powerhouse, it must be said. Both books appear to offer some insight into the life and career of this fascinating artist. 

If neither Riot Girl nor Prince nor prog rock are your faves, not to worry - look at all these other neat books we've got! Joy Division, Black Flag, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, The Smiths, etc. 

Books to accompany summer jams of all stripes: we've got 'em.  

Têtes de Mickey, un livre sérigraphié par Mille Putois

Simon Bossé (connu aussi sous le nom de Mille Putois) a réuni dans Têtes de Mickey les autoportraits de 93 artistes venus du Québec et de partout dans le monde. Le livre est entièrement sérigraphié, tiré en 400 exemplaires seulement. Un vrai bijou à se procurer avant qu'il ne devienne introuvable! C'est l'occasion aussi de découvrir des auteurs de bande dessinée ou des artistes visuels qu'on ne connait pas encore. La liste des artistes que le livre présente est en ligne ici.

Calling all prog rock nerds! Yes is the Answer - now in store!

What with prog rock being so often maligned and ridiculed by both respectable music critics and snobby lay-folk alike, it was high time that someone came to its defence! Yes is the Answer compiles 20 essays from fans (or one-time fans, at least) of this undisputed nerdiest of rock genres. At times striving to challenge the stereotypes surrounding prog bands and listeners, while nevertheless admitting that there are some regrettable aspects of the genre, it celebrates and defends prog from those who would dismiss it outright.

Whether you count yourself among those who listen to prog as a 'guilty pleasure', or for nostalgic reasons, or if you just unabashedly love and admire the genre that graced us with epic fantasy-themed concept albums with amazing riffage, you should probably read this book.

Everything Takes Forever

Everything Takes Forever, a collection of drawings and short stories by the New York illustrator Victor Kerlow just arrived in store (published by Koyama Press). Among other things, there is a story of a man with a taco for a head, who eats a taco. Moi, ça me donne faim.

Fool (Magazine) In The Rain

Put that in post title in your youtube search bar (full disclosure: I did) or don't, either way it's here- a joyful sight on yet another rainy day this summer...

FOOL magazine, people! Only one of the absolute best and most sought-after food mags out there in what is certainly a crowded market these days. Straight outta Sweden, into our hands, and then offered up fresh to you food-crazed Montrealers. Get to the D+Q Food Truck and get your plate filled quick, 'cuz these are in limited supply and sure to go fast!

So many pretty things to look at - new art books in today!

We got a bunch of new books in the store today, so you should probably come check them out! For a little taste, here we have a book about the work of artist Urs Fischer.

We also got in the summer 2013 edition of photography magazine Aperture. Only a few copies, so come get 'em while they're hot! 

Frontier No. 1!

This is the first publication from the new Youth In Decline imprint from Ryan Sands (Same Hat), featuring illustrations by enigmatic Russian pixel artist Uno Moralez.

There's nothing quite like RISO-printed GIF-art to get those aesthetic cogs in in your brain turning, though the outright-puzzling imagery of Moralez' Manga-via-Lynch-via-dimly-remembered-game-consoles will probably have you grinding cogs you never even knew you had. Wonderfully weird stuff, and it works.

Mélody de Sylvie Rancourt

Sylvie Rancourt, Mélody de son nom de scène et de plume, était danseuse nue à Montréal dans les années 1980. Avant même que l'autobiographie en bande dessinée ne soit devenue populaire, elle tenait des comics personnels sur ses aventures de danseuse dans les bars de la ville. À la fois très naïf et maitrisé, le résultat est un témoignage drôle et touchant sur cette expérience professionnelle atypique. Les éditions françaises Ego Comix viennent de publier une compliation de ces comics, dessinés par l'auteure elle-même. Ils étaient devenu presque introuvables, depuis que Jacques Boivin avait repris le dessin de sa série, dans un style plus réaliste, et selon moi beaucoup moins intéressant. L'auteure Sylvie Rancourt vit aujourd'hui en Abitibi où elle ne fait plus de bande dessinée mains peint.

Children's Book Roundup: Monkeys and Gorillas!

Though shockingly sinister in real life, monkeys and gorillas in books are always getting up to adorable mischief or tomfoolery. Here are some tales featuring delightful little monkeys and apes!

Detective monkey...

looking for clues at the mango market!

Stealth gorilla...

letting all the animals out of their cages!

Existential monkey...

 comforting the moon!

Fun-loving, afraid-of-the-dark monkeys...

pallin' around with their elephant friend!

And everybody's favourite little guy...

Curious George!

Sophie Yanow new zine : Sleepy Details

Local author Sophie Yanow came back from three months of art residency in France with a new comic, Sleepy Details. A good way to wait for her book to be publish at Uncivilized Books this fall. If you don't know her yet, you can also have a look at the three issues of In Situ, all published with the Montreal collective Colosse.

Cake comics

We brought some new mini comics home from CAKE in Chicago! The newest Phase 7 by Alec Longstreth (about Weezer!), Sylvia Leeds by Aaron Renier and our former lovely member of the Drawn & Quarterly family Jessica Campbell, New Jobs by Dash Shaw, a bunch of Uncivilized Books (by Michael Deforge, Jon Lewis, Tom Kaczynski) and the two volumes of Sky in Stereo by Mardou.

"Books about looks": Toronto's Wornettes roll through Montreal!

(Photo: Emily Keeler)

Last week we happily hosted a few of the ladies behind Worn Journal, the bi-annual publication out of Toronto that's making waves with its refreshingly brainy take on fashion.

(Photo: Alejandra Melian-Morse)

They were here to promote the 16th issue of the journal, which has been praised for digging up unexplored nooks of contemporary fashion coverage and transcending fast-twitch trend cycles.

(Photo: AMM)

"Books About Looks" was the theme of the event, with readings of passages on threads from some literary greats. Here's Haley with Eileen Myles' "Inferno."

(Photo: AMM)

Charlotte + Virginia Wolf's "Orlando."

(Photo: EK)

Stephanie read her grade-two student's epic hair-dying twist-ending tale.

(Photo: EK)

 Pamela read all about the history of the very amazing zoot suit.

(Photo: EK)

 And we were even treated to some lovely Spanish poetry about shoes.

(Photo: EK)

Thanks, Wornettes!

Lose No. 5!

The newest volume from Michael Deforge's annual series is here, and it's crammed with all of the magic weirdness we've come to expect: more unsettling kissing scenes, impeccably-rendered blemishes and surrealist flora than you thought could possibly be fit into 48 pages. Come check it out!

Eno & Schmidt's Oblique Strategies Card Set!

Conceived  and created by the late-artist Peter Schmidt and "non-musician" Brian Eno,  the first pack of creativity block-smashers Oblique Strategies (or Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) was first published in 1975 and quickly became legend ...and went out-of-print even faster.

Well, guess what? The ol' 211 brain centre has brought in a (very) limited number of the sets (the 5th edition), ready for you to snatch up and take home!

A description, from the set:
These cards evolved from seperate observations of the principles underlying what we were doing. Sometimes they were recognized in retrospect (intellect catching up with intuition), sometimes they were identified as they were happening, sometimes they were formulated.
They can be used as a pack (a set of possibilities being continuously reviewed in the mind) or by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation. In this case the card is trusted even if its appropriateness is quite unclear. They are not final, as new ideas will present themselves, and others will become self-evident. 

New In: The Travel Almanac #5

We just received the brand-new issue of this highly refined Berlin-and-New-York-based magazine: "the first publication of its kind to speak to this sophisticated generation of travelers." Features interviews with actor Willem Dafoe, artist Carsten Holler, Green Gartside of cult band Scritti Politti, photographer Alec Soth, and fast-rising New York-via-Toronto artist Hugh Scott-Douglas, along with a feature on Borsalino hats and a fashion spread on super-expensive hand luggage styled on scenic sand dunes. Très, très chic.

New In: Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier's Animals With Sharpies

Since the demise of the much-beloved and now mythic Royal Art Lodge -- the Winnipeg Art Collective founded in 1996 by Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, Drue Langlois, Jonathan Pylypchuk, and Adrian Williams -- Dumontier and Farber have continued as a team. Their witty, conceptual-flavoured paintings have the same mixture of dark humour and naive, childlike imagery that endeared the Lodge to so many.

Drawn & Quarterly is delighted to be publishing their new book, Animals with Sharpies, which renders their trademark subject matter in vivid colours, with lots of references to pop culture and folklore and a dash of the absurd. The book also follows the gallery exhibit "After the Royal Art Lodge," which was staged at Montreal's Division Gallery from March 16th to May 11th this year. You can read the Montreal Gazette's review of that show here.

You can also see more Animals With Sharpies on the Royal Art Lodge's website, and more of Farber & Dumontier's paintings on their blog.

Nevada by Imogen Binnie

We have finally gotten ourselves a copy of Imogen Binnie's first novel, Nevada, which has been somewhat difficult to obtain since its publication earlier this spring. Very exciting! Binnie did an event at Cagibi last month as part of her book tour, and gave possibly the best reading I have ever experienced - a rich verbal onslaught of sass, anger, and difficult feelings, delivered so powerfully that the room's collective breath was suspended for minutes on end.

Nevada is narrated by Maria, a young trans woman living in New York City, struggling to reconcile her punk values with her retail job, and, increasingly, to relate to her girlfriend. When things hit the fan, Maria sets off on an impromptu road trip, during the course of which she meets and becomes a mostly-unwanted mentor to James, a teenaged Wal Mart clerk stuck in Star City Nevada who may be in the process of realizing he is trans.

Here's Maria:
"That's what it's like to be a trans woman: never being sure who knows you're trans or what the knowledge would even mean to them. Being on unsure, weird social footing. And it's not even like it matters if someone knows you're trans. Who cares. You just don't want your hilarious, charming, complicated weirdo self to be erased by ideas people have in their heads that were made up by, like, hack TV writers, or even hackier Internet porn writers. It just sucks having to educate people. Sound familiar? Trans women have the exact same shit that everybody else in the world has who isn't white, het, male, able-bodied or otherwise privileged. It's not glamorous or mysterious. It's boring.

Maria is totally exhausted by it and bored of it, and if you're not, she is sorry. Terribly, appallingly, sarcastically, uselessly and pointlessly sorry."  (p. 6)

Michelle Tea, Ali Liebegott and Rhiannon Argo have lavished Nevada with well-deserved praise.

Come get your hands on a copy!

An Evening of Poetry: Recap and pictures!

Last Thursday June 6, Librarie D+Q hosted an evening of poetry. Poets Laura Broadbent, Emma Healey, Donato Mancini and Michael Nardone read from their respective works. A good time was had by all!

First up was Laura Broadbent, who took the audience on a mystical journey, lulling everyone into trance-like state as she read from a poem based on an interview with the deceased poet W. G. Sebald. 

Next, Michael Nardone took the stage. 

He treated the crowd to his first public reading from O. Cyrus and the Bardo. This was published not in book format, but as a giant scroll, beautifully illustrated by Jude Griebel. A stunning piece of work! 

Following Michael was Emma Healey, who read a series of very entertaining “letters” received from Canada Student Loans. Her poetic rendering of kafkaesque bureaucracy was thoroughly amusing. 

Donato Mancini was the closer for the evening. He read an “autobiographical” text from his Buffet World, evoking plenty of memories of processed-foods past. 

Afterwards, the crowd lingered, socializing with the authors over wine and cigarettes. An appropriate end to an evening of poetry if ever there was one. 

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