Calling all prog rock nerds! Yes is the Answer - now in store!

What with prog rock being so often maligned and ridiculed by both respectable music critics and snobby lay-folk alike, it was high time that someone came to its defence! Yes is the Answer compiles 20 essays from fans (or one-time fans, at least) of this undisputed nerdiest of rock genres. At times striving to challenge the stereotypes surrounding prog bands and listeners, while nevertheless admitting that there are some regrettable aspects of the genre, it celebrates and defends prog from those who would dismiss it outright.

Whether you count yourself among those who listen to prog as a 'guilty pleasure', or for nostalgic reasons, or if you just unabashedly love and admire the genre that graced us with epic fantasy-themed concept albums with amazing riffage, you should probably read this book.

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