New In: Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier's Animals With Sharpies

Since the demise of the much-beloved and now mythic Royal Art Lodge -- the Winnipeg Art Collective founded in 1996 by Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, Drue Langlois, Jonathan Pylypchuk, and Adrian Williams -- Dumontier and Farber have continued as a team. Their witty, conceptual-flavoured paintings have the same mixture of dark humour and naive, childlike imagery that endeared the Lodge to so many.

Drawn & Quarterly is delighted to be publishing their new book, Animals with Sharpies, which renders their trademark subject matter in vivid colours, with lots of references to pop culture and folklore and a dash of the absurd. The book also follows the gallery exhibit "After the Royal Art Lodge," which was staged at Montreal's Division Gallery from March 16th to May 11th this year. You can read the Montreal Gazette's review of that show here.

You can also see more Animals With Sharpies on the Royal Art Lodge's website, and more of Farber & Dumontier's paintings on their blog.

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