An Evening of Poetry: Recap and pictures!

Last Thursday June 6, Librarie D+Q hosted an evening of poetry. Poets Laura Broadbent, Emma Healey, Donato Mancini and Michael Nardone read from their respective works. A good time was had by all!

First up was Laura Broadbent, who took the audience on a mystical journey, lulling everyone into trance-like state as she read from a poem based on an interview with the deceased poet W. G. Sebald. 

Next, Michael Nardone took the stage. 

He treated the crowd to his first public reading from O. Cyrus and the Bardo. This was published not in book format, but as a giant scroll, beautifully illustrated by Jude Griebel. A stunning piece of work! 

Following Michael was Emma Healey, who read a series of very entertaining “letters” received from Canada Student Loans. Her poetic rendering of kafkaesque bureaucracy was thoroughly amusing. 

Donato Mancini was the closer for the evening. He read an “autobiographical” text from his Buffet World, evoking plenty of memories of processed-foods past. 

Afterwards, the crowd lingered, socializing with the authors over wine and cigarettes. An appropriate end to an evening of poetry if ever there was one. 

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