Recap: John & Jana's Kid's Day!

Last weekend, we were pleased to have John Seven and Jana Christy come all the way from Massachusetts to give a reading, hosted by Robin Fisher of The Onomatopoeia Show. They dropped in with A Rule Is To Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy and Happy Punks 1-2-3, some awesome colouring sheets, crayons, balloons, and a whole bunch of art to trade for donations to Multicaf.


Robin got the ball rolling up from up on the stage...

Audience participation was highly encouraged.

But John and Jana preferred to do their reading from right in the thick of things, starting off with Happy Punks.

My favourite Happy Punk is Wanda.

Everyone got caught up in the book's colourfully eccentric illustrations, while also getting to yell out numbers. Counting books are the best!

"Your parents will want to have a talk about this, I'm sure." John!

Next up: A Rule Is To Break. Naturally, our young guests ate it up—and learned a thing or two about creativity and activism.

Fun new party game: Spot the D&Q'er! (Hint: it's Tom!)

The signing table was swarmed—even after everyone had already had their fill of cookies and juice! Festivities continued into the afternoon—John, Jana, several excellent colourers, and a couple certifiable balloon-animal experts made sure everyone had loads of free-spirited fun. Thanks, guys!


A Rule Is To Break and Happy Punks are refreshingly real children's lit, most definitely worth a gander next time you drop in.

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