Awesome new illustrated cards from Papillon Press!

Literally hot off the press - we are happy to now be carrying greeting cards from Papillon Press, a proudly independent, DIY Canadian letterpress specializing in stationary. The craftsmanship of these cards is fantastic, as they are all hand-printed on a 60-year old letter press, and the illustrations are from handmade, original ink drawings. Old school charm! They're also printed on eco-friendly bamboo paper, and come with vibrant matching envelopes.

Got a birthday coming up on your social calendar? Well, everyone knows that books make great presents (just sayin') and a thoughtful and unique card can really put the icing on the birthday cake, so to speak. Luckily, we've got ample amounts of both of these things! Check out these amazing birthday cards, featuring animals (of the domestic, mythical and extinct varieties) sporting party hats and party accessories:

Also quite wonderful are these vintage sci-fi inspired cards with ray-guns and spaceships - plus some cats and water towers thrown in for good measure!

Who wouldn't be happy to receive such a card on their special day? Come down to the store see how nice these are for yourself. We'll be getting more new cards in all summer, so check back for updates.

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